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    Gulliver's Travels PART 4 CH 1-4


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    Gulliver's Travels PART 4 CH 1-4

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    Study Questions CH 1-2
    1. In what capacity does Gulliver go on his fourth voyage?
    2. How does he get to the land of the Houyhnhms?
    3. Who does he first meet there?
    4. What are the Yahoos?
    5. What are the Houyhnhms?
    6. What amazes Gulliver in this country?
    7. What do the Houyhnhms think of Gulliver at first?
    8. How do they treat him?
    9. What does Gulliver do about food in the land of the Houyhnhms?
    10. What is the attitude of the Yahoos to Gulliver in these chapters?

    Answers CH 1-2
    1. On his fourth voyage, Gulliver is the captain of a ship.
    2. Gulliver’s crew mutinies and puts him ashore at the first land they reach.
    3. At first, Gulliver meets disgusting, repulsive animals.
    4. The Yahoos are extremely degraded, animal-like human beings. They are the first forms of animal life Gulliver sees in the land of the Houyhnhms. Some of them serve the Houyhnhms.
    5. The Houyhnhms are intelligent, rational, horses, and they are the most advanced form of life in their country.
    6. Gulliver is amazed that horses are able to communicate in a language that Gulliver can learn. They live in buildings, and are generally intelligent.
    7. The Houyhnhms at first think Gulliver is not exactly the same form of life as the Yahoos, because of his clothing.
    8. The Houyhnhms treat Gulliver well and hospitably.
    9. Gulliver is unable to eat the oats the Houyhnhms eat. Finding the Yahoos’ food disgusting, he drinks milk and makes cakes of oats.
    10. The Yahoos attack Gulliver; he has to be rescued by two Houyhnhms.

    Study Questions CH. 3-4
    1. What is the significance of the phrase “the thing which is not” in these chapters?
    2. What do the Houyhnhms discover about Gulliver’s physical appearance?
    3. What are they unable to understand about a country where horses serve humans?
    4. What political concepts are the Houyhnhms unable to understand?
    5. How does Gulliver characterize religious disputes in speaking to the Houyhnhms?

    Answers CH 3-4
    1. “The thing which is not” is the way Gulliver characterizes a lie or falsehood, a concept unknown to the Houyhnhms.
    2. When Gulliver is accidentally seen naked, the Houyhnhms discover that he differs in few major respects from a Yahoo. They had previously been misled by his clothes.
    3. They are unable to understand why horses, being larger and stronger, can be compelled to serve humans.
    4. The Houyhnhms are unable to understand the concepts of power, war, law, government, or punishment.
    5. Gulliver, in speaking to the Houyhnhms, characterizes religious disputes as trivial.

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